Frequently Asked Questions


1. What payment options are accepted?

We accept bank transfer to BDO, GCash, Credit, Debit and Paypal (account not required).

We accept COD payments via our Shopee store.  Here is the link to get there:

2. How do I pay via Credit or Debit Card?

Please select Paypal as the payment option when you complete your order.  You will then be sent to the Paypal login page.

Below the login, there will be an option to pay with your Credit or Debit Card.  (A Paypal account isn't needed to pay for your order).

3. How do I get payment details?

Bank and GCash details will be shown upon checkout.  These will also be in the confirmation email you receive after completing your order.



1. How long until I get my order?

For Pre-Orders:

The ETA (estimated time of arrival) of incoming stocks is shown in the product page of the website. The ETA is also in the confirmation email we send you after completing your preorder. 

Once we restock, we ship out preorders based on Order # (earlier orders will be shipped out first).  Please allow room for Covid-19 related delays.

For Orders in Stock:

We send out orders 1-2 working days after payment is confirmed. 

Estimated Shipping Times

Metro Manila: 2 - 4 days

Greater Metro Manila: 3 - 4 days

Luz / Vis / Min: 6 - 8 days

2. If my order has both a preorder and an in stock item, when will I receive my order?

You will receive your entire order (both the preorder and in stock item) in one shipment.

If you want to receive the in stock item earlier, please order it separately.

3. Do you allow pickup?

Pickup is not available at the moment as a precaution against COVID-19.

4. Super Saver Shipping

We offer free / discounted shipping for a minimum order of P1,500.




1. Is the Wax Heater 110v or 220v?

It’s 220v. 

2. Why does the light turn off?

The light turns off when the wax heater reaches the temperate you set it to (medium to high).  It’s not broken, it just does that automatically.

3. Can I use other types of wax with the Wax Heater?

We don’t recommend using other types of wax with our Wax Heater because these might have different ingredients.  We can only vouch for the safety of using our own Wax Beans with the Wax Heater.  

4. Can I leave leftover wax in the pot? 

Yes, you can leave leftover wax in the pot for your next session. Just make sure the wax has cooled and hardened before storing the Wax Heater.

5. How do I clean the pot after use? 

Pour any type of oil you have in the pot, let it warm a bit, then wipe off the residue with a paper towel. You can also remove the pot from the Wax Heater and wash it like any kitchen bowl.


1. What are the main ingredients of the wax beans?

Rosin (from pine trees), coconut oil and beeswax.

2. Are the wax beans natural? 

Rosin is a solid form of resin obtained from pine trees.

Coconut oil is made from coconut meat.

Beeswax is a natural wax produced by honeybees. 

3. How much wax should I melt?

It depends. How much hair are you planning to remove? How thick is your hair?  How good are you at waxing?  (If it’s your first-time waxing, you may have to wax the same spot more than once if you didn’t get all the hair out in the first try.)


1. Can I use alternative types of wooden sticks I have at home to apply the wax?

We recommend using Bubblegum Waxing Applicators because we can’t vouch for the quality of other wooden sticks.

2. Can I reuse wax applicators more than once?

Wax applicators are designed to be used only once. Please dispose of it after each waxing session.



1. Is it safe to use for a Brazilian or Bikini wax?

Yes, this is the type of wax used for Brazilian wax / Bikini wax at some professional waxing salons.

2. Is it safe for pregnant women?

Every pregnancy is different. Please consult with your doctor first to be safe.



1. Which areas can I wax?

The most common areas to wax are the underarms, legs, bikini area, eyebrows and upper lip but you can pretty much wax any body part with hair.

2. How do I wax?

We include a How-To-Wax Guide in every Wax Heater and Starter Kit.  The basic steps are:

  1. Clean and dry your skin.
  2. Scoop hot wax with the applicator and blow on it to cool.
  3. Spread wax on unwanted hair from root to tip.
  4. Wait until wax hardens and cools.
  5. Quickly peel off the wax from hair tip to root.

3. Do I need to apply powder before waxing? 

It’s not necessary.  But if your skin is moist, applying powder will help absorb the moisture so the wax can cling to your skin and hair better.

4. Do I need to apply moisturizer after?

It’s not necessary.  But if your skin feels tender, applying cooling lotion (that has aloe vera or witch hazel) can help soothe your skin.

5. How long until I can bathe or shower after a wax?

We recommend waiting at least 2 hours for your skin to relax and your pores to close before showering or bathing.

6. How do I remove leftover bits of wax on my skin? 

If you can ignore it, best to leave it alone. It will naturally fall off during your shower / bath.

If you really want to remove them, soak cotton balls with baby oil and gently wipe them off.

7. Do I still need cloth strips?

No need!  Just peel off the hardened wax directly.